Heat Treatment Preparation Checklist

  1. Everything that is combustible or explosive must be removed from all bedrooms.
    Examples:  hair spray, perfume, deodorant, aerosols, anything canned, batteries.
  2. Anything that can melt, or is easily damaged by heat, must be removed.
    Examples:  cosmetics, CDs and DVDs, oil paintings, toys made of plastic, vinyl records
  3. All clothes in the bedrooms must be put in a dryer for 30 to 40 minutes on the highest heat available, then put In garbage bags that and be tied like a balloon or rubbermaid totes.
  4. Pillow cases and bed sheets and blankets should also be put through the dryer on high heat.
  5. Nothing should be put back in their place until the follow up treatment is done. The clothes that are going to be worn prior to follow-up treatment should be put aside again in garbage bags or rubbermaid totes.
  6. All night stands and end tables should be emptied of all contents. Bottom of closets also should be removed clothes that are free-hanging are fine.
  1. Plastic or Vinyl blinds should be removed. Curtains should be removed and put through the dryer on high heat for 30 to 40 minutes and also not put back until after second treatment.
  2. Futons and mattresses that have a cover with a zipper should be removed and put through a drier for 30 to 40 minutes on high heat.
  3. Books and family albums should be put in garbage bags or rubber totes.
  4. Remove all electrical and light switch faceplates to allow heat to penetrate into these common hiding areas.
  5. Jewelry and personal valuables should be put away in a safe or removed totally from the house just for safety reasons. We would feel more comfortable if this was done. Be sure to clean these to avoid re-infestation.
  6. For delicate fabrics that can’t be put through a dryer,  you must dry-clean them to avoid risk of re-infestation.
  7. 2 hours before treatment, close all windows and turn up the heat to the highest temperature you can tolerate.

Follow-up treatment will be provided two to three weeks after first treatment is completed. Please call office 4 days prior to second appointment to confirm time.