Monthly Services for Business Owners

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Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Grocery Stores, and Variety Stores

All Corners Pest Control provides insect and rodent pest control for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, grocery stores and variety stores in or nearby Hamilton on a monthly program. We find that this type of service is essential when dealing with public health.

We will take care of any issues that the customer has concerning any pest or rodents which we call a clean out. A one-time fee is charged for the clean out, plus a recurring fee for our monthly program.

A clean out means we will come in and deal with the issue that our customer has the problem with.

For example, if you are having a cockroach problem, we treat using a chemical spray treatment and a fogging treatment and which draws the cockroaches out from places they are hiding and nesting. Our products kills on contact and also leaves a residual, which means the product keeps on killing after the product dries. We also use a food formulation  which the cockroaches eat and die. This formulation is only dangerous to humans if consumed in very large quantities.

Using a powder and dust treatment, we treat all areas the kitchen, sitting areas, dining areas, washrooms, and storage areas. Depending on the severity of the problem it may take one or two treatments.

With our monthly program we can ensure a severe breakout does not happen again.

If it is a rodent issue with rats or mice we use different types of methods.

We can set up single feeding baits which are installed in tamper proof feeding stations and installed in areas that are out of sight to the public. This bait has no second hand poisoning and the stations have an odour neutralizer which means no human-detectable smell is produced.

We look for entry points and provide suggestions on how to seal areas to prevent rodents from entry, We provide a monthly program to continuously deter and treat rodents, and if they do return we will deal with the issue right away.

All Corners Pest Control can take care of all types of insects on our monthly program.
Example: flies, ants, spiders, centipedes, millipedes

For a free quote please contact the All Corners Pest Control Office at 1-866-309-7622 or 519 209-7622.

Landlords, Property Management Companies, Condominium/ Apartment/ Townhouse Management

We treat common areas for insects and rodents, visiting on a monthly basis.

Areas treated include

  • garbage chutes
  • compactor rooms
  • laundry rooms
  • common area rooms
  • move in and out rooms
  • storage rooms

We can treat individual units for insects and rodents as well

Pests we can eliminate include

  • bed bugs
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • silverfish
  • centipedes
  • Other pests: contact us!

If you would like our service please call the office at 1-866-309-7622 or 519 209-7622 to make an appointment and for a quote. For bed bug pricing and treatment preparation, see our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prices and Procedures page.

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Properties

All Corners Pest Control can take care of rodent issues on a monthly program

Example: Mice and Rat control for both Interior and Exterior

Our rodent control technicians will install tamper-proof stations for mice and rats, placing theses stations in strategic locations. We will check these stations every month, moving them and replacing the bait wherever needed.

We also do inspection to find entry points and will provide suggestions on how to seal these areas.

There is a one-time setup fee to install these stations and a monthly charge for the maintenance of these stations.

ACPC can take care of wildlife issues

Example: raccoons, squirrels

We can use live traps and relocate the animals without harming them.

We also install a one way door that lets the animal out but not re enter. After the animal has left we then seal the entry point and can then animal-proof the building on your request.

ACPC can also take care of any insect issues

example: roaches ants spiders

We provide solutions for pigeons and other bird issues

If you are interested in our services please call the office at 1-866-309-7622 or 519 209-7622  to arrange a meeting for us to provide a quote.